A Guide to Choosing the Right Pair of Wireless Headphones

When you begin to shop for wireless headphones you may realize that there is an abundance of choices. Not only do you need to choose the wireless technology, you also have to choose the shape, size, and style of headphones you want. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you compare wireless headphones – and find the right headphones for your needs. #1 Purpose Why do you need the wireless headphones? Where will you use them the most? What purpose do you need them to accomplish? For example, maybe you simply want wireless headphones for your smart phone. In that case you may prefer Bluetooth technology. This technology uses radio frequency and makes it possible to avoid interference when you’re on the go. However, if you want to use wireless headphones for your television or home entertainment system, then infrared may be the best option. You won’t have any interference issues, however you will always need to be in line with your device. For example, you will have to be in front of your television for them to work. #2 Technology There are three different types of wireless technology. Each has its own pros and cons. They include: Radio Frequency – This provides the best sound quality for the best price. However, there can be interference. It does provide a good range as well. Infrared – No interference and good sound quality. However, you have to be in the line of sight of your device for it to work. It has a limited range. Bluetooth – Bluetooth actually uses radio frequency. However, it cycles through all of the frequencies quickly so you always have a consistent, and uninterrupted, signal. However, it does have a limited range. #3 Fit and Form Do you prefer ear buds or over the ear headphones? Do you prefer headband style connections or behind the neck connections? In addition to different types of speakers, there are different types of headphone connections. For example, you may prefer the noise canceling benefits of over the ear headphones with a headband style connection. Or you may prefer the compact size of ear buds connected by a thin cord. #4 Sound Quality There are definite variations in sound quality between headphone models and manufacturers. If sound quality matters to you, the best way to ensure you’re buying the headphones you want is to read reviews and if possible, try them out. #5 Price You can find top quality wireless headphones for around $350 or less. Price doesn’t always mean quality. Reading reviews can be helpful. They’ll often help you identify the best wireless headphones for the money. Before you buy your headphones, set your budget. Establish the primary purpose for your headphones, and find the right fit and style for your needs. Take good care of your headphones and they can provide listening pleasure for years.


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