How to Wire Your Home Theater System For Optimum Sound

Believe it or not, your home theater wiring can make a big difference to the way your system works. Although many all-in-one home theater systems include all the wires you need to hook everything up, they may not be the best quality cables. Unfortunately, poor quality cables can lead to interference and a weakened signal coming from the sound sources in your home theater setup, reducing the overall experience. Even if they do work well at first, they may deteriorate a lot quicker than better quality cables. Your home theater wiring really can make a difference to the whole picture and sound quality, which is why it could be worth upgrading to a slightly better model. Here are a few tips to get the best results. 1) Avoid Extra Long Cables: It's important to buy cables that are long enough to bridge the gap between connectors, but try not to go too much longer than this. The longer the cable, the greater the likelihood that the quality of the signal will be compromised. 2) Choose The Best Quality Cable Available: If your system means you have a choice between a few different types of cable then always go for the most advanced type possible. For example, HDMI cables are the best way to transfer high quality pictures and audio tracks. 3) Don't Bend Cables: Try not to let cables bend, as this can cause damage to the signal. Similarly, if the cable is slightly too short, try not to force it to stretch. Instead, opt for a longer cable or change the positioning of your equipment so that there's room for a little give. 4) Use Correct Cables For Walls: If your home theater wiring goes into your walls then you need to make sure that you use the right cables. UL-rated cables are safe for this kind of use, and this usually means that they will be labeled as CL2 or CL3. You should also go to the trouble of buying the best quality cables you can for this purpose. After all, it won't be easy to get them out of the wall to replace them if they get damaged in future. 5) Avoid Interference: The last home theater wiring tip is to avoid interference by keeping signal cords at least a few inches away from power cords. Keeping them too close together can lead to interference.


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