Low-Cost Home Theater Systems – How Low Should You Go?

One of the best things about all-in-one home theater systems is that they can cost as little as $200. But for that price, are you really going to get anything decent? Or are cheap home theater systems better left forgotten? Benefit: Cost It goes without saying that one of the main benefits of cheap home theater systems is that they're cheap. Although most of us would love to bring the movie theater experience to our home living room, this doesn't always fit with a typical family budget. Cheaper all-in-one systems are a good compromise: they improve sound quality over traditional TV speakers, provide a good quality Blu-Ray player, but aren't at the top of the scale that can end up costing thousands of dollars. Benefit: Portability Although cheap home theater systems may come with poorer sound quality, the fact that they're compact is a huge benefit for the average consumer. We don't all have huge living rooms to fill with the biggest and best surround sound speakers. If space is limited, it's useful choosing a compact system that won't take over your living room. You'll still have to deal with the cabling, though there are some budget systems available that include wireless rear speakers to reduce how many cables you have running across your living room floor. Benefit: Ease of Setup If you go for cheap home theater systems then they're a lot easier to set up than buying the components separately. Everything you need comes in the one package, all of the elements have been designed to work seamlessly with one another, and the instructions to get things set up are usually easy to follow. Drawback: Quality The main drawback of any cheap home entertainment system is the fact that it usually means poorer quality. The speakers are smaller, meaning that they can't physically produce the kind of sound that larger models can. Manufacturers will also include generally lower-quality elements in order to keep the overall cost of the kit down as low as possible. This is the compromise you're always going to have to make with cheaper electronics. So Are Cheap Home Theater Systems Worth Buying? Despite their obvious drawbacks, cheap home theater systems are popular for a reason. They bring advanced technology down to a mainstream level that's cheap to buy and easy to use. They may not sound quite as good as the authentic movie theater experience, but for most they will offer a vast improvement on your current TV setup.


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