Review: Beats by Dre Studio Over Ear Headphones Review

If you surveyed a hundred people today and asked them what are the best quality headphones available on the market, a big percentage of them would answer Beats by Dre. Beats by Dre has quickly become synonymous with high quality audio and top of the range headphones, but it has achieved this feat without many people ever having purchased the product! Brand recognition and marketing is imperative when launching a product, and Beats have absolutely nailed that side of their business. However, brand recognition and marketing can only get you so far. Eventually, you’re going to have to produce the goods. The Beats by Dre Studio Over Ear Headphones claim to be one of the best Beats products yet – combining the sound quality that Beats is known for with Monster’s active noise cancellation. The question remains, is it all just a fantastic example of perfect marketing, or do Beats by Dre actually bring anything new to the table? Key Specs for Beats by Dre Studio Over Ear Headphones RRP: $349.99 Year Of Release: 2009 Battery Powered? Yes – 2 AAA Wireless? Yes Noise Canceling? Yes Weight: 0.56 lbs Beats by Dre Studio Over Ear Headphones: The Pros Sound Quality: When Beats by Dre was first launched, it claimed that standard headphones simply weren’t equipped to deal with modern music. Artists and producers were spending hours upon hours perfecting tracks that he average listener simply wasn’t hearing. Beats was the answer to this – headphones that were specifically designed to deliver a sound quality that properly reflected the sound quality that artists and producers were hearing in the studio. They’ve come good on this aim. The sound quality from the Beats Over Ear Headphone from Monster is extremely high quality. Whether it be a deep bass or a high falsetto, the sound is clear and true. If you are used to listening to music on cheap headphones or through laptop speakers, you will notice a massive difference when using the Beats Studio Headphones. Noise Cancellation: Noise cancellation is quickly becoming a must have for any semi decent set of headphones. The Beats Studio Headphones use active noise cancellation technology from Monster. Monster’s noise isolation technology actively works to identify and isolate noise so that the only sound you hear is the music you’re listening to. Noise cancellation is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects when looking for headphones, so it is no surprise to see Beats incorporate it. While the noise cancellation isn’t the best available, it is certainly noticeable and serves to greatly improve the audio quality of the music. Comfort: The Beats Studio Over Ear Headphone is clearly not only designed for audio quality, but for comfort as well. The Beats Studios are extremely comfortable and secure around the head, while the padded earcups are large enough so as to avoid pinning the ear. This large earcup also serves to allow for a greater sound quality experience. The padded material on the earcups are soft and made from materials that breathe, so unlike many over-sized over ear headphones, your ears never feel like they are overheating. All in all one of the most comfortable set of headphones you will find. Beats by Dre Studio Over Ear Headphones: The Cons Price: The sound quality is great. The active noise cancellation really works. They are genuinely comfortable to wear. Value for money? Very debatable. The problem that Beats by Dre suffers is that although they do provide exceptional sound quality, the quality is not so different from high range headphones from Bose and Sennheiser. The Studio Over Ear Headphones are expensive, and to be this expensive you have to justify the price. Unfortunately for Beats, there simply isn’t enough to distinguish themselves from other competitors. The whole point of Beats by Dre is that they are they absolute best for sound quality. If they could achieve this, then everything else would be redundant and they could justify the high prices. As it is, they are simply a very good pair of headphones, and because of this you may be left wondering why you paid such good money for them. Build Material: A small issue, but when you are paying this much for a pair of headphones, you expect them to feel durable and glossy. The Beats Studio Headphones do feel well built, and the earcups are exceptionally well designed, but there is a noticeable plastic feel to them that you don’t expect. Headphones of this quality should feel like they cost big money, mainly because they do, but the overall feel of the Beats Studios is somewhat disappointing. Are the Beats by Dre Studio Over Ear Headphones Worth Buying? There is an inescapable attraction towards Beats by Dre Headphones that has seen them continue to grow and retain huge popularity, especially with the younger generation. They are instantly recognizable, and true to form they do provide a truly high quality audio experience. It is just a shame that they don’t stand out solely for their audio performance. Songs do sound better in Beats, but they also sound better in high quality Bose and Sennheiser headphones. The Beats Studio Black Over Ear Headphones from Monster are one of the best that Beats have produced, and for that alone they will be attractive to many. However, for buyers that aren’t concerned about brand name, there are other alternatives that won’t cost you nearly as much and will leave you feeling far happier overall.


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