Review: Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset

Bose are rightfully considered somewhat of a market leader when it comes to high end audio performance, so it’s no surprise to see the excitement that surrounds their Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset. The MIE2i Mobile Headset has been specifically designed for use with Apple products, including most iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macbooks. Using a combination of Bose TriPort acoustic design to enhance the sound performance and Bose StayHear silicone tips for added in-ear stability, the MIE2i mobile headset aims to replicate Bose’s acclaimed superb performance with an affordable and durable alternative to other Apple focused headsets. The integrated inline remote allows for one touch call answering and the microphone is designed to pick up your voice without you having to talk directly in to it. All in all, the Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset sounds like the answer to many Apple users’ problems, but does the MIE2i live up to the standard you’ve come to expect from Bose, or is it simply a brand focused gadget looking to cash in on the Apple market? Key Specs for Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset RRP: $129.95 Year Of Release: 2012 Battery Powered? No Wireless? No Noise Canceling? No Weight: 0.35 lbs Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset: The Pros Comfort: There really is only one place to start when you take a look at the MIE2i headset, and that is the brilliant design of the eartips. Bose StayHear technology is designed to provide in-ear stability without being invasive or uncomfortable, and the end result is remarkable. The MIE2i is not a full on “in-ear” set of headphones, but rather an “at-ear” set of headphones. The eartips are extremely light and, unlike traditional in-ear tips that need to be securely jammed in your ear canal to create a seal, they simply sit at the entrance to your ear canal. Of course, this means that there isn’t the same noise cancellation that you get with true in-ear headphones, but you also don’t get any sense of discomfort or pain even after many hours of use. The MIE2i doesn’t feel like it should be as secure as it is, but they will stay in place through walking, running or cycling with ease. It would not at all be surprising to see many other headphone companies attempt to replicate the Bose StayHear design in the near future, as it simply cannot be matched for comfort. Sound Quality: As mentioned above, the design of the Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset does not lend itself to noise cancellation. This could lead you to believe that the sound quality suffers as a result, but this is nowhere near the truth. The MIE2i produces a superb sound quality that really shouldn’t be as good as it is. The benefit of noise cancellation is that audio quality is automatically improved, but the audio quality on the MIE2i is so good that you will quickly forget about the lack of noise cancellation. You can get superior audio quality from headphones that are double the price, most specifically in terms of deep thumbing bass sounds, but for the price the MIE2i packs one hell of a punch. Design: Unlike many Apple focused headsets, the Bose MIE2i features a nice, thick cable. With many headphones in this price range, the cable can be thin and flimsy which leads to tangling problems and eventual wear and tear, but not so with the MIE2i. The cable is thick and durable, and tangling is not an issue. Although a small feature, this is something commonly overlooked by manufacturers, and when you market headphones as being ideal for use on the go you need to anticipate them being quickly stuffed in a pocket. A cable liable to tangle is simply not something you want to have to deal with on a daily basis. Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset: The Cons In-Ear Branding: As mentioned above, the Bose MIE2i is more of an “at-ear” headset. Although this provides outstanding comfort and is coupled with a fantastic sound quality, some users may be disappointed that Bose describe the product as in-ear. In-ear headphones typically provide some level of noise cancellation, and this can be important to some buyers. Although this is not a failing of the MIE2i as it never claimed to provide noise cancellation technology, it is worth noting that these are not your standard in-ear headphones. Button Controls: The inline control functions on the Bose MIE2i take a little getting used to, and even then they can be somewhat tedious. The buttons are very sensitive, and you can easily double click in error. Although this becomes less of an issue the longer you use them, you should expect a teething period as you become comfortable with the idiosyncrasies of the button controls. That being said, once you do become used to the controls, they are extremely functional and do offer a large degree of control. Is the Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset Worth Buying? Although the Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset is slightly more expensive than many of the Apple tailored headsets, it is money well spent. You can get Apple focused headsets for less than $100, but you will be very hard pushed to find a comparable level of audio quality and comfort at that price. The Bose MIE2i headset provides unrivaled comfort and excellent audio quality. If you are looking for a set of noise canceling headphones then these definitely aren’t the headphones for you. Similarly, if you prefer the feel of deep in-ear headphones, you should look elsewhere. If, however, you are looking for a set of headphones that give you a clean, crisp sounding audio while being barely felt in your ears, look no further. The Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset is an extremely impressive piece of equipment, and an excellent investment for any and all Apple users.


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